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George Luna

CEO - Designer and Maker

born on: July 01, 1985
lives in: Portsmouth - UK
email: george@palletproject.co.uk
phone: +447711202713

My name is George, I’m a Colombian designer and maker living in Southsea, Portsmouth. My passion is to produce high end and bespoke furniture using only recycled materials, especially wooden pallets. I have learnt my skills and trade independently and been inspired to capture new techniques from around the world.

What I do

My designs are tailored to every client.  I hand-make every piece of furniture, every piece, every detail, every photograph and every last bit is designed by me. I pride myself on the level of craftsmanship of the furniture I produce.

How I do it

I enjoy working hard. Day in Day out. I believe you cannot achieve something great if you sit waiting for it to happen, you have to be proactive!

My energy and determination are relentless and I never settle for second best, a trait I transfer to my carpentry.

Together we can refine ideas until we reach beautiful designs which once creates not only will enhance your decor but also will be delightful to use.

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